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Here’s a guide on How To Patch IPS and UPS Files to Play a ROM Hack. Goddess of Wisdom is an improved version of an old hack with a similar name. It has been simplified to make it more accessible to the average player.

This site has the list of all the best emulators that were available back in the days, I really don’t know how they got all, but It’s pretty tremendous. Do you think I’m bluffing when I said this is the place for you? Well, find out a wide collection of gaming music, gaming videos and lot’s more. Retrostic is aimed at delivering good archived retro games in a form of ROM and IOS. We recommend you to turn your Android device to the horizontal position for a better view and gaming experience.

What is GBA Emulator for Windows?

Video game ROMs are a segment of software that can be installed effortlessly on the device. Romsplanet is another great addition to our list of best safe play sonic games on line ROM sites that allow you free download GameCube, GBA, WII, SNES, PS2, PSX, N64, and more. Along with the safe ROMs, Romsplanet also offers free emulators and games to you.

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  • This Pokémon ROM hack takes the characters on a quest to make the strongest Pokémon through lots and lots of experimentation.
  • I recommend the website Pokémon Coders because their cheat codes are all working.

I grew up with Gold, and after playing all of them I feel Gold, Emerald and Black 2 should be at least top 5. I mean, it’s the easiest entry, sure, but it’s absolutely the best looking Pokémon game on Switch and is a wonderful remake of the original games. It does highlight that a 9 or 10/10 tier Game Boy Color game is not a 9 or 10/10 Switch game, perhaps, but I thought the game was wonderful. Was the most joy I’ve gotten out of Pokémon since the series peaked with Black and White 1 and 2. In my experience, the gen 2 games were definitely the worst out of all of the games I played.


In this case, let’s say you want to use a Gameboy Advance emulator for your Pokemon games, then that’s possible. You’re basically playing a Gameboy Advance on a PC or mobile device when they are both capable of handling the emulator. Emulators are also available for other video game consoles and handheld systems.

Pokemon My Ass Version – GBA – High Quality Game Cartridge

That’s the main reason why it would be best to play it in a 2GB RAM to run it smoothly and properly. If you are tired of playing Super Mario or Mario Kart or any other game on Emulator and want to switch back to battle royal games, here’s how to delete the GBA4iOS. Are you getting unable to Download App GBA4iOS could not be downloaded at this time? After successfully installed on an iOS device, Go to the home page of the iPhone.