Top Exam Tips to prepare for the night before and Exam Day

Are you tired of the revision guides who nag that you should eat healthy foods get enough sleep and prepare revision plans? It’s not a problem, Bright Network skips all that with these 8 suggestions that will allow you to gain success and ensure that you enter that exam ready to win.

The best tips to prepare for your exams

1. Make the most of your days

The brief time you have before you switch off your light is a fantastic time for memorisation. The ability to learn before bed significantly enhances memory retension . So when your bed is cosy make sure you read through the most crucial concepts, equations, or vocabulary. Switch off.

2. Get a fantastic meal

You should make a particular effort to prepare a healthy dinner. This isn’t a suggestion for “brain food” like nuts or oily fish and such, but food you’d want to have if it was a celebration and wanted to spoil yourself for a while, such as steak or chocolate tart. It’ll give you a sense of satisfaction and boost your energy to get you ready for the day ahead.

3. Then Laugh

Enjoy a few things like watching a comedy program with a good time, having a playdate or playing with photos on instagram. It’s a great way to relax, lessen stress and help you get a great night’s rest.

4. Make sure that you are awake

Establish an alarm. Set it for two. Find a family member or family member to see how you’re doing if you’re still worried. Just make sure you get to the exam early link website

5. Be aware of when to stop

In the morning, have an energizing breakfast and make sure you review your most crucial facts before you leave the house. You can do the same on the way to the exam. If you’re at the exam hall, don’t think about it. If you’re not prepared by now, you won’t ever be! All that last minute stressing moments before, can put your brain in a spin.

6. Make use of the space

When you’re in an exam room In the exam room, you should sit comfortably and spread out. There is evidence that shows that when people physically grow larger with our arms spread out or leaning our backs on the chair, we release hormones which gives you confidence. This is true, we can assure you.

7. Don’t drink too much

Do not drink too much of water drinking every hour, a glass is enough. A deficiency in water will not cause problems during the test, but drinking a few pints of fluids and taking regular bathroom breaks each five minute interval is. The sip is just for an hour-long break to refresh your brain and hand some time to relax.

8. Find what you like best.

In the end, everyone is unique. Some people like to be by themselves during tests, while other students blast motivational music on their earphones. Perhaps you’re someone who loves wearing their most expensive pair of heels to boost their your chance to succeed. You can do whatever gets you in the best state of mind and you’ll be set up well to be able to pass the test.